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3 years ago#1
guys, I'm looking for a level 50 conference call, I've nothing to trade so I guess I'm logins for a free one. I've been farming the warrior since I started playing the game at release and had no luck, finally got live to see if teaming up would make things better and still had no luck.
GT: scottdennington
3 years ago#2
I've got a social one.
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3 years ago#3
I'll take it if its on offer, GT is in the sig or let me know yours.
GT: scottdennington
3 years ago#4
That's strange, I farmed him for 3 hours one day and got 5 difference conference calls.. hmm..
"I need to build you an extra arm JUST for high-fives!"
3 years ago#5
Try farming Pyro Pete or the Pirate's Booty treasure room instead.
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3 years ago#6
Really? Lucky man, I got the volcano sniper from the moon shot, I've had a couple of orange grenade mods over the last few months, but no weapons.
GT: scottdennington
3 years ago#7
The CC isn't the best shotgun to get anyway.

The Ravager and Heartbreaker are far better IMO
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3 years ago#8
Honestly just been looking for something better than my current Practicalble Thinking shock weapon which I have been using to farm the warrior.
GT: scottdennington
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