infinty dupe

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User Info: larsonous

4 years ago#1
anyone care to dupe me a level 50 infinity corrosive or electric or even both?

User Info: Psycho_Pansy

4 years ago#2
I have elec, acid, fire and non element infinities.
Do you have the deliverence shotgun, the cradle shield, transformer shield, or bouncing bonny grenade, or a slagga smg with more than 4k dmg and 71 accuracy
GamerTag: TerdMuncherX

User Info: HeROiiCs

4 years ago#3
I hav some I'm looking for a good grenadier mod please

User Info: larsonous

4 years ago#4
I dont have any of those. I just started playing again after stopping after torgue. I

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