Found a gun just called "Iron".

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User Info: WretchedOwl

4 years ago#11
D. All of the above.
A lying tongue hates those it crushes, but a flattering mouth works ruin. -- GT: Wretched Owls

User Info: Ammit5

4 years ago#12
It took me days to part with the first Thrusting Rod that I found. It was a tearful goodbye...
We are Anonymous... Because none of us are as cruel as all of us...

User Info: Pvt-Spoon

4 years ago#13
As long as it's a straight rod, anything else will cramp your wrist.

User Info: IronBornCorps

4 years ago#14
Have the ladies ever asked you to dupe your rod?

User Info: smurfsn1p3r

4 years ago#15
Falloutgenuis posted...
I've found a "sniper rifle"

Same. I also found a "Shield", and "rocket Launcher".
Skyrim has become this gens Final Fantasy VII.

User Info: ssj954vegito

4 years ago#16
When ladies see that lump, they ask, is that a can of cheeze whiz in your pocket? I say, "No baby, that's just my double penetrating pocket rocket."
proud to be a strange EPic
You ever notice that everything in the universe spins.

User Info: Jacquard

4 years ago#17
To the town of Agua Fria . . . .
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  3. Found a gun just called "Iron".

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