LF: legendary Siren class mod and general trade

#1Wolfsbane128Posted 3/3/2013 11:27:52 AM
I'm looking for the legendary Siren class mod, dlc heads and skins for any class, conference call and bee shield variations; and guns that you find to be awesome in general. I have things to trade listed below. GT:Wolfsbane128 Thanks.

Lovely Corpse (mechro)
Mecha Wrecka
Read all About It
Sinful Sweetheart
Speak No Evil
Superduperfly (gunzerker)
Bowler Badass

Class Mods:
Legendary (all but siren)
Slayer of Terramorphous (gunzerker)

lvl 50 Guns and Stuff:
Binary Thunderball Fists (pistol)

Gromky White Death (sniper)
Gentleman's Volcano

Critical Conference Call (shotgun)
Practicable Conference Call

Social B*tch (smg)
Quality Baby Maker
Refill Plasma Caster
Flying Plasma Caster

Attack Veruc (rifle)

fwap a Nukem (rocket)
Boosh a Duuurp!

Sticky Homing Bonus Package (lvl 50)

Inflammable The Bee
Alkaline The Bee
Bulletproof Booster Shield

Vitality Relic (+50%)