Name one item that all characters should not be without

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A good FFYL weapon ... Norfleet for me

A thousand times agree.

Yeah I've always got a Rocket Launcher in the bottom slot because I have a habit of forgetting what I'm doing and charging into death.

In play through 1 it was a Badaboom but until I get a 50 I've got a generic Torgue one to fill the spot.

Bottom spot for me to. There is always some sort of launcher there. With some you have to be careful not to put your self right back in FFYL though ... lol. The nukeum for instance.
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Hmm, I'm used to my launcher on the right. May try the bottom and see if I react fast to it.

I also say Infinity.
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Gaige wears a skirt.
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Gaige wears a skirt.

yeah its made of corrigated steel the F***ing thing doesn't even move at all.

if this was a JRPG they'd have a fully modelled physics engine just for the skirt blowing in the wind
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