Badass ranks got wiped?

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User Info: WretchedOwl

4 years ago#21
Headneck posted...
Yeah, I just got a reply from Gearbox and am waiting to see what the end result is. On further review it seems like I am missing the holiday skins and the random loot skins like you mentioned. I still have the shotgun I got from the Valentine code, but missing the skins. As long as I can still aquire the skins minus the holiday ones and get my rank returned I will be happy enough.

unfortunately, I couldn't get my valentine's day skins.. I didnt yet have the game during halloween unfortunately, but I didn't bother to raise any hell about the valentine skins. I hope you end up getting them back.

Incidentally, although it wiped all the heads and skins I got from random drops, it still saved my loadout as having them equipped, so I'm currently using several customizations that it says I don't have unlocked. So as long as I don't unequip them it looks like I can keep them.
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User Info: Caserith

4 years ago#22
skins/heads are gone. not much can be done about that unless they can get into your game file which isn't what they do.

i did receive a reply and was given a set amount of badass rank after a couple days of back and forth but that was it and thats all they're doing.

good thing i don't really care about heads/skins...
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User Info: Headneck

4 years ago#23
They sent me a shift code worth 16k in ranks. Well over the 2-3k I lost. They did it in a quick time frame as well. I wish I still had the skins, but they gave me something more useful. Can't complain about that.
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