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3 years ago#1
I'm a casual player that likes to play Borderlands 2 when I get back from work to relax for an hour or two. I'm just wondering if there any players that would like to join me. I'm not into doing boss raids or farming. I enjoy making new characters and play them from level 1 to 50 and start over again and make another character.

Currently I'm working on another Commando (my favorite class) that's level 11. I perfer that you have a mic and not be some young kid. I hate playing with people that sound like they're ten year olds. Please don't use any modded weapons, and I'm not interested in anyone that wants to power level. I have the most fun when I just play the game with other people who are around the same level trying to complete quests and finish the game.

So if you're the same way as I am, let me know. Thanks for your time.
3 years ago#2
I'm in I pretty much do the same. Gamer tag is JREDQUEST GT
3 years ago#3
Thanks man. If you can't tell from my screenname, I live over in New Jersey so I don't get home from work and jump on BL2 until 630ish eastern standard time.

My GT: j0e face
3 years ago#4
ill play with you guys..i have a mic and im not ten with a little person voice...but i only have a level 21 to play with
3 years ago#5
gamertag is. Da Oomph
3 years ago#6
Hit me.up. have Mic. Deep voice. Level 19 atm. Tag: deNied316
3 years ago#7
General Mims789
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3 years ago#8
Representing NJ buddy,

Nilla151 is my tag. my gunzerker is 17 and my Zero is 16. hit me up and we'll hook up when you catch up to those two
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3 years ago#9
Hit me up! I'll start a new character with you when you want. I have a mic and I'm not a kid.
Gamertag: DarthCameron
3 years ago#10
I want to say thanks for everyone that replied back. I'll make sure to add all of you when I get home from work.
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