best gunzerker skill tree and class mods

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3 years ago#1
i need help with mine
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3 years ago#2
since no one seems to care, and im new to the forum (not the game), ill do what i can. first off, this question totally depends upon what your trying to do with the game, and at one point your at in it. for playthrough1 i used rampage and zerked my way to the warrior.
my build for playthrough 1.
used a class mod that gave points to last longer, , yippe kay yay

TVHM was not so kind to me. i had to switch to a full on brawn tree for the epic health regen, since at the time i was soloing everything. my tree looked like this in the beginning of TVHM...

and by the end, without any decent gear yet...

i used the health/health regen class mod. whatever gave bonuses to what i already had, and i changed my tree when it was necessary to match a class mod upgrade. dont worry about the shot to your shield capacity, youll never have a shield up anyway with this build, and with all the health regen, you wont need one.

now, at lvl 50, with two maggie pistols, 2 unkempt harolds, and 2 conference calls to dual wield, plus the legengdary berserker mod, i went for raw, unadulterated DPS. it looks like this now.
if pistols arent your thing, you can switch those points out for something else, like "All i need is one". but this is an extremely gear oriented build, and unbelievable in terms of power. i two manned terramorphous with this build. no game-breaking, and as a tank. any questions, hit me up. ill do what i can. this was my first character, and after making one of each, my favorite still.
3 years ago#3

Try this build, go find youself a pair of DP Harolds or redundant fibbers. An auspicious raider class mod with a +6 to money shot. The bee shield for raid bosses and an evolution or transformer for everyday killing. And a slag crossfire or slagbouncing Betty.

It requires a lot of gear but you will absolutely murder everything. Your a little squishy so playing smart is a must. I've personally killed pyro Pete in less then a minute with this build
GT- Innersmoke
3 years ago#4
And a sheriffs badge. Cant forget that
GT- Innersmoke
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