Which character is yalls favorite

#1Hypnotiq911Posted 3/7/2013 12:33:38 PM
Ive got lvl 50 commando and gunzerker so far gonna start on mechro next the commando class is my favorite so far..gunzerkers fun playin with 2-4 players but not so much single player u die a lot more lol
#2illbzo1Posted 3/7/2013 12:34:11 PM
Mechromancer all day
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#3jreed1337Posted 3/7/2013 12:35:30 PM
loved zero to death til i got Sal up to 50. the guy is a beast, love his skill tree.
#4MechOf17thPosted 3/7/2013 12:37:36 PM
My first character was zero and I LOVED using him as a melee build, than when I started the mechromancer.. i forgot about every other character in game.
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#5gunsndrosesPosted 3/7/2013 12:38:55 PM
Sniper Zero or Ordered Chaos Gaige, I'm indifferent
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#6Argyle_GargoylePosted 3/7/2013 12:46:11 PM
i have a 50 axton, a 50 zer0, and a 20 maya.

id have to go with axton. i love my cunning b0re zer0, but i have several different builds that i enjoy using as axton. my fire rate build is amazingly fun to use

might even work and level up another focusing on explosives just for fun.

i think i have to give it to the commando
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#7malcolm913Posted 3/7/2013 12:46:48 PM
#8Pvt-SpoonPosted 3/7/2013 12:55:16 PM
So far Axton for me, I have to start playing more with some of my other classes, get them deeper into the game before I could say for sure.
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#9fredbeatswilmaPosted 3/7/2013 12:59:38 PM
140% maya all day errday. Axton, zero, and sal are all pretty good. Gaige is just lame.
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#10Jambi_ManPosted 3/7/2013 1:12:25 PM
Kunai/Execute melee hybrid Zero. Hands down.
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