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User Info: NoName539

4 years ago#1
What is your favorite shield in Borderlands 2?

User Info: Shirase

4 years ago#2
So far, The Sham and the Evolution are my default shields for my Gunzerker. I use the Sham and a Grounded Black Hole for my Mechro.
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User Info: Rings

4 years ago#3
NOPE! It's just Chuck Testa.

User Info: fakesnoop77

4 years ago#4
Salvador - Evolution
Zer0 - Love Thumper (for melee build) Hyde of Terra (without melee build)
Axton - Deadly Bloom or Big Boom Blaster
Maya - Flame of Firehawk
Gaige - Black Hole
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User Info: Lahar

4 years ago#5
Haven't farmed for fancy shields yet, but I usually roll with an Absorb shield. I found an Alkaline one, and another with 1.99 recharge delay and 39% chance. I guess the Sham would be up my alley.
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