Who is your favorite character to farm with?

#1ShinterLPosted 3/9/2013 10:57:25 AM
Favorite character to farm with? - Results (113 votes)
19.47% (22 votes)
23.01% (26 votes)
18.58% (21 votes)
23.01% (26 votes)
15.93% (18 votes)
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Just curious as to who people like to farm with. Notice I said "favorite", and not "best", as I'm looking for what people enjoy. And by farming, I mean level 50, and going after bosses for drops, in case that isn't clear.

Also, this is assuming no evil smasher, etc, as those sorts of things remove most of the differences between each character, in my opinion.

Feel free to also post a rough build you like to use (like melee Zero or sniper Zero, for example).
#2Steve0314Posted 3/9/2013 11:00:55 AM
I said Gaige cuz with most of my farming Im not going after any of the invincibles... If im facing them I would use my Maya.
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I also meant to add, please post why you like to use that character for farming, and whether you tend to do regular bosses or raid bosses.
#4xboxBUNZILLAPosted 3/9/2013 3:59:15 PM
Siren with the breakneck banshee mod.
KaBoom1322 Posted 2/26/2013 12:56:24 PM
My BAR is only 20k :( ..
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Why isn't LF an option
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Why is Maya the most popular? She's a great character, but I can tank all day with Gaige and Blood Soaked Shields. Maybe I'm missing something?
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killbot357 posted...
Why isn't LF an option

I still want to know which character you play as when you visit the board to beg. Are you LF in haiku format? ;-)
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VirtusEtIgnis posted...
Why is Maya the most popular? She's a great character, but I can tank all day with Gaige and Blood Soaked Shields. Maybe I'm missing something?

It's all seemed pretty even when I've checked it. There was a three way tie between Sal, Axton and Zero earlier today.

Clearly need more statistics...
#9wareuphPosted 3/9/2013 5:41:59 PM(edited)
Ok I definitely like farming with Axton the most, not because of the turret but because he's my main. I farmed for all my level 50 gear but I don't give a poop about all the doop arguing:

^ Incendiary White Death
v Shock Conference Call
< Nukem
> Hellfire
Legendary Soldier Mod
35% Cooldown Relic

I also main spec on the Gunpowder tree (love the nuke), the left tree for sentry time and missiles, and the last tree for health and shield capacity.

Throw a quasar to reel in the mobs, toss a nuke in the middle of the quasar for some nice damage, then mop up with the turret and hellfire. Works great :)

EDIT: Also, forgot to add who I farm. I usually do dust runs, and I've been working on finding a Hive and Hornet. So basically just normal bosses, I got tired of Pete runs after he started dropping duplicates of legendaries I already had instead of new guns I needed.
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#10CapTionisTPosted 3/9/2013 6:25:44 PM
Cunning/Melee zero is perfect for bypassing fights

5/5 innervate 11/5 Followthrough

one kill and keep running
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