Looking for Dahl Allegiance Relic, Legendary Soldier Class Mod, Corrosive B!tch

#1onlynowintheendPosted 3/9/2013 6:59:12 PM
looking for any of these 3 items. would be willing to trade have quite a few e techs and a couple of legendaries, send me a message and we can work something out.
#2b_rab_2204Posted 3/9/2013 8:24:54 PM
Just found a dahl allegiance rellic -52.5% recoil if you are still interested.
GT: SixGunShray
#3badaravioliPosted 3/9/2013 8:50:26 PM
I've got the soldier mod you are looking for. I'll be on shortly. If you have a sham, transformer, and/or black hole shields that would be awesome in return. If not no worries I will still hook you up.
#4badaravioliPosted 3/9/2013 9:02:24 PM
whoops forgot GT: badassraviolis
#5onlynowintheend(Topic Creator)Posted 3/9/2013 9:06:11 PM
I have a Sham, ill trade you for. ONLYNOWINTHEEND. Probably wont be on til tommorrow at this point but i will add you so we can trade. and i would be very interested in that Dahl allegience relic, let me know what you might be looking for so i can give you some kind of colateral.
#6onlynowintheend(Topic Creator)Posted 3/10/2013 5:09:46 AM
Still in need of the Coporate (Corrosive) B!tch if anyone out there might have one.
#7Redrum0351Posted 3/10/2013 7:43:42 AM
I have one , do you have a fire b*tch?
GT: REdrUM0351
#8onlynowintheend(Topic Creator)Posted 3/10/2013 7:53:28 AM
Sent you a PM
#9Redrum0351Posted 3/10/2013 8:06:11 AM
Send a invite.
GT: REdrUM0351