My seraph weapon stats dropped....anybody else?

#1xDlonix13xPosted 3/14/2013 9:30:17 AM
So i bought a bunch of seraph weapons(even though theyve had mostly bad reviews) because of the crystals i had accumulated....and today when i turned on my game the stats on them had changed drastically. the tattlers i had purchased about a week ago both lost a multiplier....ex:5400x3 went to 5400x2 and 4400x3 went to 4400x2. anybody else? also...the vendor all week had had the actualizer for sale with about 10000 damage and now thats back down to about 7000. the main reason i bought the things was because even though the accuracy was bobo...the damage was significant.
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Sounds like you didn't get the hotfix. Exit the game, make sure you're online, and then restart.
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my onlines out right thats probably it, actually.