lf 94%Sham, Pitchfork, Torgue Ravager, Norfleet, Bonus Package, or Emperor

#1Flow_149Posted 3/14/2013 5:36:08 PM
Have the maggie, the bee, legendary siren, commando, White Death, tumtum muckamuck, fabled tortoise, blast proof turtle shield, fire corrosive shock and neutral infinities up for trade.

Let me know if you want to dupe/trade :)
gt: PPaprika
#2demonwithinPosted 3/14/2013 6:35:21 PM
Emperor for an electric Infinity sound good? If so, send me an invite. Will be on in 5-15 minutes.

GT: Tiny Cotton Kro
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#3AFw0n1njaPosted 3/15/2013 1:29:53 AM
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#4AFw0n1njaPosted 3/15/2013 1:36:29 AM
Could i have your SHAM and MuckaMuck? Dupe of course.

GT - AFw0n1nja
Apps an Zerts
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