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3 years ago#1
Was I recently got back into this and I was trying to figure out what the perfect build for my axton would be.
I like the jack of all trades build listed on this site,
I'm just curious as to some opinions on this build for my play style if that's possible. I usually use the turret to draw fire from my self while I rack up the critical hits. I mainly use rifles and shot guns and go back and forth between elemental rifles and non elemental rifles.

That's all the relevent info I can think of for now if anyone can make some suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
3 years ago#2
I don't have a lot of experience with Axton, but most of those builds on that site are kind of meh. The seem more like theorycrafting.

The official forums usually has a lot of good builds to check out.

Of course if you like the trade of all jacks build give it a try and see if it works for you.
3 years ago#3
My Jack of All Trades (it's more like MAN MODE) looks like this:

That's with the Legendary class mod, a Torgue AR+shotgun, Shredifier, B*tch, and a Vladof Anarchist pistol for weapons (Badaboom for FFYL). Evolution shield. Whatever relic, I carry an Explosive one and a Health one most of the time.

For boss fighting, I use something this with a blue Front Line Rifleman class mod (+6 Battlefront, +5 Impact).

Same weapons on this one, with a heavy focus on the Shredifier and Torge AR though. Health or AR/Explosive damage relic. I'll move points around depending on who I'm fighting. The Gyrojets can be a PITA to use with some bosses, so I'll spec out of that damage and put it somewhere else such as Duty Calls.
3 years ago#4
Thanks for the help from both of you I never thought to check the forms and I think I'll give that man mode as you called it a try.
3 years ago#5
I wouldn't use Duty Calls. It's a useless skill to have unless you STRICTLY use non elemental weapons. Otherwise, it makes more sense and is better to use those points on something like Able, Ready, or Preparation.

Expertise is also a waste of a skill, only having 1/5 on it makes it even worse.
Use the 3 from Duty Calls and the 1 from Expertise to max Preparation or Reload, or use all 4 on Able.
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3 years ago#6

This is what I run with. This assumes you use the legendary class mod.

You can take the 5 from expertise and put it in metal storm if it suits you. That's what most would do, but I'm just not big on kill skills, except for the one in the guerrilla tree and that's for the extra movement speed. That skill paired with expertise means that even while aiming down sights you strafe quite fast which allows you to more easily dodge incoming fire.

A big part of this build is having good grenades and a good rocket launcher. I have a nukem launcher and some legendary grenade that spawns like two sets of child grenades and it's devastating. However, I mainly use an SMG or assault rifle, when in FFYL the rocket launcher or grenades are basically guaranteed second wind, especially with the steady skill, with the added bonus of recoil reduction.

So in short this build is all about:
-moving around quickly to avoid taking damage while also returning accurate fire, giving you health regen
-having a healthy rocket turret that slags enemies for you, freeing you from worrying about slag, especially if you play solo.
- using a good rocket launcher/grenades when in FFYL to give you a near guaranteed second wind, if your turret fails to get one for you.
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3 years ago#7
^Mhmm, since TC seems to use ARs, Metal storm would be the better of the 2.

Norfleet, Nukem, Bunny, and PBFG are some good launchers.
I prefer Shredifiers and Vladof/Dahl Blasters as my rifles.
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3 years ago#8

Here is another axton build I've recently tried and am absolutely loving it. Don't be turned off by the fact I didn't take any of the bottom tier skills. In addition, this isn't trying to be a jack-of-all-trades build either. This is a tank/survivability build that puts the emphasis on axton more than his turret, though his turret is still key.

By the time you are level 50 and have good weapons, as well as the legendary class mod, you shouldn't have nearly as much reliance on the turret as you might have earlier in the game. This build is all about having a lot of health and shield capacity, as well as having short recharge delay, fast recharge rate, health regen, and shield regen, basically making it nearly impossible to put you down. The best part is that, although your turret lacks slag, gemeni etc, it still has those devastating rockets, and when it gets a kill it will also activate your shield regen skill. Using this build I constantly have health and shields regen for the entirety of a fight. There's also 2 points left over that I couldn't really figure out where to put. I would suggest either steady, or pressure, but it's really wherever you feel is best. As before, feel free to put the expertise points into metal storm.
"I saw GAMEFAQs with faqs being spelled like faqs instead of facts I figured poor grammar to be welcomed"
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