Looking for legendaries

#1Mcrakin85Posted 3/17/2013 9:08:14 PM
Looking for
Fire,Corrosive Infinity pistil lvl 50

Fire, Corrosive Shredifier lvl 50

Any element Deliverance lvl 50

Sham with 90%+ absorb rate lvl 50

Bee lvl 50

any legendary class mod.

Critical Conference Call lvl 50 no element
Scalable Conference Call lvl 50 Fire
Critical Conference Call lvl 50 Slag
Potential Conference Call lvl 30

Assault Rifles
Severe Shredifier lvl 50 no element

Bulets Go Fasterified Slagga lvl 50 Slag
Social B**** (it will not let me post the word) lvl 50 Slag

Purging Infinity lvl 50 no element
Ecplicit Unkemp Harold lvl 50 Explosive

Sniper Rifles
Surgical Pitchfork lvl 50 Fire
Siah-siah Skullmasher lvl 50 no element

Rocket Launcher
Pertinent Norfleet lvl 50 Shock
Prudential Norfleet lvl 50 Fire
Plenteous Norfleet lvl 50 Slag

Sticky Homing Bonus Package lvl 50 Explosive
(pink) Homing Meteor Shower lvl 50 Explosive
Lobbed Storm Front lvl 42 Shock

The Bee lvl 49
The Sham lvl 50 81% absorb rate
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#2JoeSparkyJoePosted 3/17/2013 10:55:58 PM
I have some of those things. Your GT Mcrakin85? Just sent a message to that GT on live.

Mine is SuperMarioBros3
#3Violent_ShadowPosted 3/18/2013 6:45:57 AM
I'll give you all the items you listed for the Lv42 Storm Front and the Crit. CC (non-elemental). If interested holla @ GT: SUBJECT BK201 (currently GMT) and let me know then i will sort it out on a mule for you.
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#4UlharPosted 3/18/2013 9:42:46 AM
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#5UlharPosted 3/18/2013 9:43:53 AM
I can give you the Bee and the Mechromancer Legendary class mod. I wouldn't mind those two SMGs in return. GT Ulhar ixen
#6Mcrakin85(Topic Creator)Posted 3/18/2013 10:49:35 AM
thanks, I sent friend requests to everyone, it is currently 1:48pm eastern time. I plan to be on borderlands till 3pm, then I will not be back on till Wednesday, school and work tomorrow.
Some drink from the fountain of knowledge....others just gargle.
#7Violent_ShadowPosted 3/18/2013 11:35:52 AM
Thanks for the trade! Those other low level legendaries you had will come in handy!
"Beautiful lies beget ugly truths."
#8Mcrakin85(Topic Creator)Posted 3/18/2013 7:44:04 PM
Thank you man you helped me out way more.
Some drink from the fountain of knowledge....others just gargle.
#9noreb1103Posted 3/18/2013 7:53:08 PM
you still need anything? I could use that Pitchfork w/burn dmg and the Norfleet w/burn...

GT: revbob666