Already did that in another play thru want to skip forward?

#1xXBossfight69XxPosted 3/20/2013 12:38:08 AM
I keep getting this message. But the only missions I did with someone else was where angles fear to tread or whatever and the one after that. But I just did demon hunter and got no xp for completing this quest when I didn't do it with anyone else. Is anyone else getting this message when playing a new char and have previously joined others games?
#2Bowserboy88Posted 3/20/2013 2:44:29 AM
Im white. I am a white guy saying this things.
#3PryorbeastPosted 3/20/2013 5:25:31 AM
This just happened to me. Playing as an already under-leveled siren, completed the rescue Roland mission then the game skipped me ahead to A Train to Catch. I see lots of death in my future.
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