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3 years ago#1
i would appreciate if someone would trade some legendaries or power level my siren. i dont have much to offer except a few lower level legendaries such as:

Level 10 Impetous Hellfire
Level 9 Flame Of the Firehawk
Level 24 Homing Pandemic Grenade Mod
level 24 Miss Moxxi's Bad Touch

GT Bare Soul
3 years ago#2
Im white. I am a white guy saying this things.
3 years ago#3
then keep on browsing
3 years ago#4
Message me in game. I have a 14 siren that could use some new gear and a 50 assassin who's bored.
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3 years ago#5
appreciated, don't know what time i will be on today but will be online most of tomorrow albeit i'm running on gmt time
3 years ago#6
What legendaries would you want if i traded you for the Hellfire and the Pandemic you have?
"Beautiful lies beget ugly truths."
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