Would anybody be willing to dupe me...

#1AFw0n1njaPosted 3/20/2013 7:11:02 PM
looking for some legendary's

- Norfleet of any prefix
- Logans gun of any prefix
- Skullmasher of any prefix
-Thunderball Fists of any prefix
- The Sham with a absorb chance above 90% (not so important as i have a 84% one.)

Xbox GT = AFw0n1nja

Just send me a message over xbox if you would be so kind. I'll be available between now and 12 hours from now.
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#2Wallcrawler8878Posted 3/20/2013 7:25:08 PM
I can do it, but it wont be until tomorrow afternoon man. I had the tv all day, and I really think my wife will stab me if I move for that controller again.

Anyway, if you dont get any of those before then, Ill send you a message over XBL.

GT Brock8878
#3AFw0n1nja(Topic Creator)Posted 3/20/2013 7:31:54 PM
cool. thanks.
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#4herbsmith87Posted 3/20/2013 7:56:30 PM
what levels are you looking for?
#5AFw0n1nja(Topic Creator)Posted 3/20/2013 10:27:32 PM
Level 50's. Sorry, should have made that clear.
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I'm Brown...... Problem?
#6PryorbeastPosted 3/21/2013 12:02:33 AM
I have a lvl 45 94% Sham if u want.
XBL: Pryor Beast
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