What are the cool guns to have now?

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Homing Storm Front is a great grenade mod

Anything homing is a terrible grenade.

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Norfleets are great.
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Flakkers, just all of them.
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*in before energy dragons*
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Energy Dra ... oh ... never mind
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Anything homing is a terrible grenade.

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I've been having fun with the Pimpernal lately. Great weapon imo
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Pimpernal and White Death/Lyuda are the s***.

You have to actually use them to know how awesome they are though.

They are even good for Zerking to me. XD
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Your gameplay must be atrociously slow.

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I like Homing sStorm Front as the best greneade mod too. I only use grenades for crowd control. Storm Front is just there to kill shields and kill a lot of them at once.

You know how to use homing grenades after a while so they aren't flying around hopelessly forever. I usually toss them out before I even aggro the enemies, and it aggros them for me. Then while they are electrocuted snipe them in the head with a White Death, or a Pimpernal and kill a few at once.

When using Rocket Launchers I use the handy Slag Singularities.
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