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3 years ago#1
I'm so sick of being over leveled for every mission simply because I'm a completionist and prefer to do every side mission available. Why can't the game recognize what level I'm at and scale missions appropriately when they're offered to me? It defeats the purpose of having side quests when you're penalized for taking them only to see the rest of the game become trivialized.

I'm sure this has been beat to death here many times by bow as I arrived to BL2 fairly late in its cycle, as the shelf lives of games are shorter and shorter in these waning days of the current console generation. But I just can't wrap my head around why the scaling can't keep up with me playing a completely legitimate play through without any overt XP farming?
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3 years ago#2
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3 years ago#3
The game won't be trivialized in the end. Even doing all the side missions in PT1 it catches up pretty quick at the end. What you don't want to do is farm in PT 1 a lot or you will be overleveled in PT1. Until you get up to the mid 20s and the Main Story Missions are that level the game is truly easy mode. Watch the level of the Main story missions. If it is way lower than you are you shouldn't do any side missions for a while. You don['t want to do these ASAP just because they are there.

PT 2, or True Vault Hunter Mode is MUCH harder and scaled much higher. You will be level 50 well before the end of the game there and all the enemies will be 50-52. Most people finish PT 1 anywhere between 30-40. If you start PT 2 at like LEvel 30 it will be hard as f***. 35 is pretty good. It's a completely different game though and enemies are way stronger.

The missions, however you should not take until after you finish the game and get to what is called PT 2.5 by gamers. After you beat the final boss in the MAIN STORY, ALL of the side missions will scale to Level 50. At the end of Playthrough 2 that is. Not at PT1. Absolutely do not try and get to Level 50 or some nonsense in PT 1.

This game actually isn't meant to be played as achallenge until that point. BL2 is better scaled than BL1 by far though.

PT 1 is like rookie and a warm up. PT 2 is EXACTLY the same quests so doing them all in PT 1 doesn't matter. Everyone saves the good side quests (you can do them both in PT 1 and PT 2) until they finish PT 2 since all the rewards will be LEvel 50 at that point.

This game isn't traditionally played where PT 1 is "the game". PT 2 is the hardcore mode and teh challenge.
3 years ago#4
Also, if you have the DLC at all, don't do it in PT1 at all. Pointless as they all max out at like level 35. IF you knew the rewards, and wanted some of them you could do it for minimal XP, but no point really since you can do them all in PT 2.5 anyways where all missions and rewards will be LEvel 50.

This game also has Raid Bosses. Very strong boss enemies that are meant to be fought with 4 players. You can do them solo, but they are way harder. There are plenty of challenge sin this game. Don't worry too much about it being easy in PT 1.

This is also a "loot" game first and foremost. Your goals all revolve around getting Legendary equipment and awesome weapons.

I know it sounds stupid, and I thought the same when I waited forever to get BL1 thinking it was just some sort of boring gun simulator. Even that the scaling was stupid and there was no way I'd want to play PT 2 anyways. Trust'll figure it out, and when you do you will get addicted to finding stuff.
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3 years ago#5
Many thanks Jimi, some great info in your posts, cleared up a lot of stuff for me going forward :)
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3 years ago#6
This helps me too.

I'm also late to the party on this game, and I'm getting REALLY bored doing side missions 5 levels below my current level for 300xp.

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3 years ago#7
No problem. Enjoy not playing anything else for a month. XD
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3 years ago#8
I've always been lvl 30 going into the warrior, lvl 31 upon beating him. TVHM has never been a particular problem..

And then likewise, 48 or 49 going into the warrior, 49 or 50 coming out in TVHM. It doesn't take much preparation at all.
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3 years ago#10
I started TVHM at level 35 and got my ass kicked because my gear was still around 33 ish, I spent a couple golden keys and got some good shottys and a shield or two, then things got easier. I'm not saying use your keys but have some leveled gear.
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