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3 years ago#11
Im just messing with him. Im sure he's gathered that, or will once its read.
What is a man?!
A miserable little pile of secrets!
3 years ago#12
Seems legit :)
Classy Chickens Clan for Halo 4 and Black Ops 2
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3 years ago#13
xliner posted...
Seems legit :)

Assistant Manager at Foveroula and Acid's Pawn Shop
I'm so bad at BL2, they call me "Nicholas Casual"
3 years ago#14
We need more people like this guy
How is making money be illegal. - JDM_Jev
I am topic killer. GT: Chrizwald---MW3, Rock Band 3
3 years ago#15
What is this strange feeling? Is this what having faith in humanity restored feels like?
Gamer for life, 31 years and counting.
A life without video games is not a life worth living.
3 years ago#16
Anything you looking for TC?
Deal with it- http://tinyurl.com/amdcu8s FF XIII/Skyrim = 100% -- GT: Gears of Wario
Now Playing: Borderlands2/FFXIII-2/PMD Blue Rescue Team
3 years ago#17
Heyo!!! Welcome TC

You just start playing, or neen at it for a while?
Crazy? Crazy with low prices on Wind Brahmin. You buy one!!
3 years ago#18
Welcome bud. Let us know if you need anything. Most on here are happy to help
GT: Plasmatic529
alt GT: Plasmatic alt
3 years ago#19
Welcome to the board; we will now proceed to sacrifice you in the name of the Gods.
My name is Ozymandias, king of kings.
3 years ago#20
Welcome to the board.
A pessimist is just an optimist with more experience.
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