Just uploaded by IGN DLC trailer

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Heheh, her name is Brick
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Great trailer, would love the idea of that, but I think it's clearly showing that the last DLC is going to be about blowing up the hyperion moon base (which is what it's showing in the first 5 seconds or so, including the graphics bursting out from the base, the rest is clearly misdirection). Looking forward to seeing more details either way.
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"While our Vault-hunting buddies beat the slamma jamma out of that Hyperion informant downstairs"

so they caught an Hyperion employee and are extracting info for what purpose? TO ASSAULT THE H-BASE!!!! The board game they are "playing" is their attack plan TO ASSAULT THE H-BASE!!!!
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New dlc is "tiny tinas racism adventure" Thatd funny as hell.
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"Why the he** are we even playing this kids game?"
"Maybe because SHUT THE HE** UP MORDI."
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