Krieg gameplay video.

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3 years ago#1
Xbox Live GT: Nnnking
3 years ago#2
So awesome.
DAT light the fuse. I would personally invest into that skill just to explode people. Oh god, and dat buzzaxe throwing.
GT : MiZZ nErDiE
3 years ago#3
Looks like he has a skill to spit flames out of his mouth like a flamethrower too.
Xbox Live GT: Nnnking
3 years ago#4
Okay I'm hyped for this guy.

Some of those skills sound awesome.
Procrastinater - So Good
~*Board 8 Late Night Crew*~
3 years ago#5
Wasnt sure what to expect, but after seeing the gameplay i am very excited.

Cant wait to get a look at his full skill trees
Crazy? Crazy with low prices on Wind Brahmin. You buy one!!
3 years ago#6
Garrrh i wish that shield recharge delay skill belonged to Zero, this guy will be able to better profit from the hide of terramorphous.
"DMC4 is the best entry in the series"-AlexxShadenk777
3 years ago#7
I want
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3 years ago#8
Oh, if only the rough rider gave a melee damage bonus.
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3 years ago#9
Gotta give Gearbox a lot of credit. Krieg looks F****N AWESOME, and he's something completely new.
"There it is you guys.....Mee-krob"
3 years ago#10
Yeah...that's gonna be a fun playthrough. Well done.
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