56 skill point builds topic

#1davinthegreat98Posted 3/25/2013 3:46:44 AM
If we get more skill points, were gonna need a new build.

Gaige: http://www.bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#550000151000505105150501000000000000
+1 sharing is caring
+5 the better half
+5 fancy mathmatics

OR OC/LBT build: http://www.bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#000000000000505105130000410053151050
+2 evil enchant
+5Wires don't talk
+1make it sparkle
+3 close enough

GUNzerker: http://www.bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#550301551010100000000052055100000
+1 incite
+3 bus can't slow down
+4 just got real
+1 come at be bro
+2all i need is one

OR Berzerker build:http://www.bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#110000000005505515515150000000000
+1 incite
+4 juggernaut
+1 fistful of hurt
+5 ain't got time to bleed

Those are my 2 mains so feel free to post the other 3 characters
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#2MystearicaGrantPosted 3/25/2013 7:09:08 PM
http://www.bl2skills.com/siren.html#555001050051030000005505005501 This. Compared to it's Level 50 version, it has +5 Suspension, +5 Quicken, +1 Wreck.

If I had Gaige, I'd probly run this http://www.bl2skills.com/mechromancer.html#505005000551050050000000415004051000

Every number in the URL is a skill, and what the number is, is how many points are in it. The calculator can scale past 50 by using this.
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#3gunsndrosesPosted 3/25/2013 7:55:01 PM
Brawn always feels like a waste on Salv :3
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