Ever find a "great" weapon only for it to end up being garbage?

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regornam posted...
Pvt-Spoon posted...
For me it was the Yellow Jacket .... No sir, I didn't like it !

Hey, a Ren and Stimpy reference. Makes me miss the mid-90's.

Yup, I sometimes slip different references into posts. I keep on topic but get some cheap side entertainment seeing if anyone catches them.
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#22MarsillioPosted 3/26/2013 4:52:29 PM
Yup. Most Hyperion SMGs, Dahl sniper rifles and Blasters, Jakobs assault rifles and worst of all Bandit plasma casters.
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for me it was every pistol i have found since finding the poison fibber pistol. Sure the pistol is only level 32(and I am currently 46) but I haven't found a pistol since that even comes close to the damage it puts out
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