Level cap increase WRT current best relic/class mod stats -

#1gomi182Posted 3/25/2013 10:52:04 AM
With a level cap increase: yes, guns/grenades/shield etc...some values will scale up...got it.

But does it make sense for all relics to scale? If you already have a +100 Accuracy Recovery relic, are they going to make a 125% one now? (Yes, I realize you can have over 100% on some things, like +151% Second Wind Health or 109% Boost Recharge Rate)

But... what are your thoughts on how they'll handle this for the majority of relics? With the underlying thought process being - will (all/some) relics survive the lvl cap increase? Will our current 22/56/15 Sheriff's badges carry use through? Or will their levels be increased, as well?

I'd imagine a level 61 'The Sham' shield will have a higher overall capacity, of course... but do you see them increasing the 94% absorption cap? Are we now going to have Wild Cat Class mods that go over 96% SMG damage? Should or shouldn't that be maintained for all percents for all (or most) items? Or will they simply add points to the skill levels associated with class mods?

Is this a positive thing for the community - that we already have decent 'gear' to bring us up to lvl 61 and beyond? Or does this reduce our need to farm for 'new' things, and decrease playability?

Thoughts? Precedents?
#2LordChewbaccaPosted 3/25/2013 10:57:20 AM
I'm sure someone who has gibbed his game to higher levels can actually answer this.
Lv61 Zero build: