So... Is there some easier way to kill Pete?

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3 years ago#11
Sand Hawk does fairly good. Unless they have fixed that, which is doubtful. Cause that might cause even more problems.
3 years ago#12
Sand Hawk still works.

I got another Redundant Shock Fibber Level 50 instead of the slag I wanted. A bit too hard to turn that bad boy
3 years ago#13
That little steel platform underneath where he spawns has a solid piece that you can use as cover from the novas. Just kite him around in a circle to where you're behind it when he novas and you can fight him indefinitely. Without his novas he just takes patience, very easy to solo.
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3 years ago#14
Commando with a Slag Turret, Shock Infinity, Alkaline Bee and Sand Hawk= Game Over
3 years ago#15
I use Zer0 to farm him because of Kunai Deathmark and;

Alkaline Bee shield
Sheriff's Badge
Shadow Stalker mod(+Pistol stats)

Redundant Fibber and a Murderous Slagga.

First thing, I summon him, lead him close to the ledge you're able to jump on, slag him and pop Deception close to the wall and hop up to the ledge(While he is close to the wall he will slowly walk away from you so he can get the distance to JUMP to where you are. Avoid this by getting behind the pillar effectively making him hit the wall and slide back down to ground level).I switch to my Fibber and hit him until his shield breaks. At this point he will Nova so get behind the pillar again to avoid it. By this time, Deception is back up, I slag him again, pop Deception to Kunai Deathmark him, switch to Fibber again and repeat.

He goes down very fast.
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3 years ago#16
Aside from the smasher glitch, the sand hawk/bee combo should still work. For increased life expectancy, I suggest either an alkaline or inflammable bee shield.
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3 years ago#17
An underrated gun for this fight is the Lady Fist. Combined with the Bee and slag it can crit for 900K and up on Pete.

A good setup would be...

Shock Lady Fist
Sheriff's Badge
Grenade Mod to clear mobs, Stormfront/Fire Bee
Bee Shield
Class Mod that increases crit damage or pistol stats

Another thing to keep in mind is that if he can't see you he can't hit you with his DoT attack. Try and get behind the pillars when he does his DoT attack.
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  3. So... Is there some easier way to kill Pete?

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