Create a new weapon manufacturer...

#1joeymegsPosted 3/28/2013 3:53:00 PM
If you could create a new weapons manufacturer what would the name be and what would be their specialty?

Big Cal. Customs- makes Sniper, Assualt, Pistol, Rockets, Grenades. Can have elements.
At Big Cal. Customs we make sure you only need one bullet, but just incase we give you a metric s*** ton.

All weapons fire massive rounds think Rambo style assault rifles, Desert Eagles, Barrett 50. Sniper rifles. Weapons of that nature.

Draw back is really slow reload times.
#2Steve0314Posted 3/28/2013 3:56:59 PM

Sells only E-techs
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Leg-n-dairy only makes white rarity guns.
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All weapons launch the target 10 feet into the air upon getting a crit. Their legendary RL always does the launch, even when it's not a crit.

All weapons have dual-elements. After the events of the first game, they legally obtained a few of the blueprints from Atlas and S&S Munitions, including the Orion and the Chimera.
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Clap Trap should make weapons. All of which have quirky effects.
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Steve0314 posted...

Sells only E-techs

My name is also Steve and I support this 100%
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AR - The Casualizer - 4 mil x 3 damage. Ammo / health regen while equipt. Dupes its self automaticly when ever a friend joins your game.

SMG - The Simpleton - 1 Damage point, but each shot levels the user x 4.

Sniper - Lazy Maker - 50 cal with extreme zoom scope, Can see all enimies from Sanctuary.

Pistol - The Putz Perferator - 10000 x 3 burst fire - every sixth shot spits out a random orange weapon.
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I'm thinking of something rad, but I just wanted to say how awesome this topic is.
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Pierre's Fine Cuisine and Firepower

Only sells guns with fire ammo and flamethrowers. All guns have food/cooking equipment related names e.g. The Toast-o-matic 3000.
Run by a sophisticated cannibal bandit chef named Pierre.

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The only one I'd want to make already exists, it's Torgue.
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