Free (Sham, Neogenator)

#1JagorosPosted 3/30/2013 11:17:39 PM
Well, people were freakin' awesome after I lost my relic and not only did I get a replacement, but some people dropped some other legendaries too.

I have a level 45 Sham, and a level 45 Neogenator just sitting here. I dont have any use for them, but maybe someone could use them?

Send me a message on XBL if you want either. GT: Jagoros

(Shout out to the person that dropped them, not sure if they would want me to mention them but figured I'd at least give credit where it's due)
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#2xXBossfight69XxPosted 3/31/2013 12:08:24 AM
People should know I dupe things so it's all good. Someone helped me with the low lvl gear so I try and help