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User Info: Wallcrawler8878

3 years ago#11
FAILUREtoreply posted...
Wallcrawler8878 posted...
FAILUREtoreply posted...
Wallcrawler8878 posted...
I use Hell Fox with increased burn damage and chance, as well as the +6 to Helios, and 5 to Reaper. Cant remember the third boost, and it really doesnt matter.

I kill everything with fire.

I have a Hell fox mod but its the 5+4+4+ version. Do you use the Blockhead? I don't run a fire or elemental build yet I still destroy everything with that gun!

I used the Blockhead quite a bit, but that was before I got the Practicable Slow Hands. The fire variant of that gun is just ridiculous in Maya's hands with the Hell Fox mod.

I never got into that gun, I'm an in your face shooter (which is why I love gunzerking), so I found myself caught on fire way to much. Still though a very good gun indeed!

Yeah, Ive jacked myself up with it a couple of times against rushing enemies, especially times when I had a bee shield on.

Mostly, I stay midrange using Phaselock/Ruin/Converge to create a singularity of slagged enemies that I pump multiple fireballs into. Slag singularities are used if Phaselock is on cooldown.

I can normally obliterate Shielded Super Badass enemies in two shots of the slow hand, without using a bee shield.

User Info: FAILUREtoreply

3 years ago#12
That's a pretty well thought plan you got there. Might have to try it!
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User Info: Scary Raebbit

Scary Raebbit
3 years ago#13
6/5 Wild Cat
Best damage
Peep the stats bro.
XBL GT: ScaryRaebbit

User Info: Jkickit

3 years ago#14
Right now using Chrono Binder, 6/5 Suspension/Reaper. I'll switch once I get the reverse of that. Or if I decide to use the fire build I was thinking of, a Slayer mod.

Btw, how good is a corrosive hell witch build?
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