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3 years ago#1
So I'm having serious difficulty right now with this mode. Just barely scraped by midge mong by the skin of my teeth....
Anything I should go back to TVHM to farm for to make life a bit easier? I'm using a cunning/sniping build right now with my main two weapons being a slag sniper rifle followed by a inferno (the other two guns I have seem to be useless right now, level 50 purples from the gold key chest), shield is an impaler.
Any suggestions as to weapons/shield/mods to go hunt for or respec?
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
Zer0 is my main as well and I've been having a hell of a time in UVHM as well but I''m getting through it. I'm using my Murdering Slagga to debuff and then switching to my DP Unkempt Harrold or whatever other gun in order to take advantage of the newly increased Slag effect. I find that if use this on every enemy I can get by fine but without a good Slag weapon it was VERY hard for me too.
3 years ago#4
Also I meant to mention that Bore is an absolutely vital skill. I manage to kill midgemong almost instantly. Every once in a while Bore just obliterates things.
3 years ago#5
Alright thanks, sounds like our builds are fairly similar....where can I pick up the slagga and unkempt harold?
3 years ago#6
To be honest, a proper tree set up, equipment loadout and some patience make a massive impact. I haven't been having trouble at all, but a huge part of this is my loadout. I have an optimal Lv 50 Bee, an Amp Sandhawk, Norfleet, and a slagged Eviscerating Rubi. I also carry a Sham and Logans Gun, so I have essentially unlimited rockets. That equipment makes a huge difference, and I still laugh at most enemies even though im currently Lv. 55 using 50 equipment. Once you get Doctors Orders, farming loot midgets becomes an option, with their chance to drop legendary gear and even pearls being an invaluable asset. A pearl drop around that point, like Lv 55 or 56, would mean you would likely have no trouble getting to 61.

Also take your time. Zer0 is designed to be played in a tactical fashion. Set up Bores, Snipe, use deception as much as possible.. ect. Dont get intimidated, and remember to use slag as much as you can.
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3 years ago#7
Deimos121 posted...
Alright thanks, sounds like our builds are fairly similar....where can I pick up the slagga and unkempt harold?

I got The Slagga from Pete and I bought The Harrold from the Torgue DLC Vending Machines
3 years ago#8
In my honest opinion, Zero can be the most versatile, and overall best character for solo play. He just has sooo many ways to kill.

I use a build focused on execute & Kunai. And now, I'm planning on adding Bore to the mix.

With this setup, I try to get my cooldown as low as possible, because your power is based mainly upon Kunai and execute.

I use a Neogenator or evolution shield, because I want as much health/health regen as possible. And I combo that with a +50% health relic.
That will give you around 110k health.

Deception is just life saving so many times, It gives you the quick out, but on your way out you spray kunai. Want to take out a BA Nomad.... Deception, swing around behind, kunai, execute...dead.

I always have a melee bonus weapon in a slot, (rapier,law, etc..) to switch to for execute....

On your way to Death Blossom(Kunai), you can grab great gun skills like rising shot & two fang...man, fire a CC with two fang.... Turns it into a Vladof, basically.

This build is beast, for real. Takes getting used to if you haven't used it, but I strongly recommend it.
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