Sal player just got back into the game

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Sure, that'd be great thank you
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Its 2x per shot so 3 in the clip is very useful. it only has 17900 damage tho lol.
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That's fine with me, if it is as good as you said then i'd be happy to have one
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DP Unkempt Harold, I recently got my lvl 61 DPUH from a Torgue Vendor so they are not hard to get, and a Slagged Rubi.

Rubi you get from the Rakkaholics Anonymous mission, once you're done with the mission objective go and return to Moxxi for the pistol. Not Mordacai he gives you a sniper. This wonderful gun gives 12% health back every time you hit an enemy. Add this along with the DPUH while Gunzerking gives you constant health even when the enemies are up in your face. If Moxxi gives you a different element do NOT take it, just save and quit the game and return and she'll give you it again. Just make sure its the Slagged version.

Also the Torgue Vendors are only in the 2nd dlc.
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Sadly I don't have that dlc and thanks for letting me know about the pistol, i'll start trying to get that since it seems easy enough to get
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