Good news for Farming Treasure Rooms - (Scaling up)

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3 years ago#1
Pre-level cap, the level of your character as they entered a treasure room for the first time forever set the level of loot in the room to your character. I learned this the hard way in the Pirates Booty DLC. I entered Blade's treasure room with my level 46 Mechromancer, and from then on my save game/farming endeavors only got me level 46 loot from there (in TVHM). Meh.

Now, in UVHM, with the enemies (and loot, more importantly) scaling to the level of your highest character, that is no more.

Example - My first run-through in UVHM, I entered the H.S.S Terminus Armory at level 58, and with my farming endeavors, all subsequent loot is level 58. Last night, I got a mule character up to level 59, and had it enter with my main... and the loot scaled up to 59, on that same old game save.

Excellent. This means you no longer have to wait for a character to max-level up before entering a treasure room area for the first time. I even went so far as to exit the area with my lvl 59 mule, and bring in a lvl 1 new character with backpack space (before dropping down into the Armory section of Terminus) and the loot stayed 59.

Extrapolation - So... If/when the level cap is increased to 69 (or whatever) doesn't this imply that rather than play through all the way to a treasure room in a DLC, we can level the character up... 62... 63... 64... as we go... and at any point along the way, we can bring them into our save-game treasure farming saves, and (have a [higher] chance at) getting them immediate level-appropriate legendaries/pearls... Of course this means, if you do a DLC now (from level 50-61) by the time you get to the treasure room and make a farming save, you can also get level appropriate gear along the way, based upon the highest level of the mule character you bring in.

And yes, I know you can farm WEP for LLMs at any time... And yes, I realize random loot drops are pretty darn good at the moment, but I think this info will be useful to those that farm for hour upon endless hour, such as I.
3 years ago#2
just so you know, the treasure rooms would scale up to 50 after you beat TVHM. they were locked at the level you 1st entered them at until that point, but after everything scales to 50, they do as well
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3 years ago#3
I'm not sure about that, as I would always do the storylines in order with each character (main/Scarlett/Torgue/Hammerlock)...

So by the time I'd gotten to a Scarlett, I'd already killed the warrior on TVHM... (I never made save games on Normal playthroughs for farming)

I may be wrong, though.

Actually, I don't think I am wrong, because I can still go into said saved game, and the treasure room is still 46 (on TVHM).

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