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3 years ago#1
so ive been looking through things and watching videos, and i have seen pearlescent guns and i also saw a yellow writing one.
ive also gotten a lil bit into modding and i saw what looked like the new rarities for things.
they were called orchid, sage and iris.
thoughts? =o
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3 years ago#2
Got a website where you saw these? Because I don't believe it.
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3 years ago#3
sure they weren't modded stuff?
3 years ago#4
there was a youtube video that had the yellow writing one, and the program ive been using to mess around with modding and such (gibbed) has equipment,skins, and heads that have orchid, sage or iris in the name. so im just curious
GT: Carniveruspanda
3 years ago#5
im not entirely sure im just going with what ive seen
GT: Carniveruspanda
3 years ago#6
its in this video
GT: Carniveruspanda
3 years ago#7
No, adding different parts that don't belong changes the rarity color for whatever reason. I'm not sure but I think the sage and what not are just code used to describe weapons belonging to certain dlc.
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3 years ago#8
Orchid, Sage and Iris is what gearbox has named the files for the 3 DLC's
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3 years ago#9
ohhhh ok. well that makes more sense xD
GT: Carniveruspanda
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