Maggie not dropped

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IrishNinja719 posted...
Ah got it thanks for not making me feel that stupid

Why would I do that :P
Different people have different skill levels
You're still learning, and that's fine.
At least you are appreciative ^_^
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Lol some people on here are just a$$h0l35 and the only reason it spelled like that is so it won't be censored
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That's considered "censor bypassing" anyways if someone wants to be a jerk about it.

You have to censor swear words like


That's a weird word I'm not sure what is considered the cenroed part for taht one. Like f***, b****, ass isn't censored, p****, mother f***er, etc.'s stupid
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Ah well I hope I don't get in trouble for that :-/
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