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#1chuckleswoodPosted 4/10/2013 12:55:07 AM
I'm lookin for a few things so I'll post those in here and what I have to offer.

I'm looking for

Lvl 61 Evolution (at least 65% elemental resistance)
Lvl 61 Butcher with increase pellet count (non-elemental)
Lvl 61 Interfacer with increased pellet count (Incendiary)
Lvl 61 Barking Storm
Lvl 61 Vitality Relic
Lvl 61 Miss Moxxi's Bad Touch

I have to offer

Lvl 61 Sublime Storm
Lvl 61 Loaded Unforgiven
Lvl 61 Reactive Butcher
Lvl 61 Swiss Deliverance
Lvl 61 New and Improved Deliverance (shock)
Lvl 61 Stocking Bunny
Lvl 61 Miss Moxxi's Good Touch
Lvl 60 Nifed Sawbar
Lvl 59 Vengeful Stalker
Lvl 59 Patriots's Stalker
Lvl 57 Pacifying Pitchfork (slag)
Lvl 50 Murduring Slagga
Lvl 50 Legendary Hunter Class mod

And 4 Lvl 61 e-tech relics
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#2sp4ly315Posted 4/10/2013 1:22:56 AM
i gave a bad touch for u msg me
GT: Sidepyne
#3sp4ly315Posted 4/10/2013 1:27:17 AM
typo i "Have" i bad touch for you.. lol message me on live :D
GT: Sidepyne
#4chuckleswood(Topic Creator)Posted 4/10/2013 10:01:01 PM
I'm back on, and will be for a while. Anybody who wants to trade let me know.

BTW I now have a lvl 61 Impaler I'd be willing to trade.
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#5chuckleswood(Topic Creator)Posted 4/10/2013 11:54:44 PM
"There it is you guys.....Mee-Krob"
#6sp4ly315Posted 4/11/2013 1:12:34 AM
message me on live when u get a chance
GT: Sidepyne
#7chuckleswood(Topic Creator)Posted 4/11/2013 10:23:13 PM
"There it is you guys.....Mee-Krob"
#8ozzyo2397Posted 4/11/2013 10:30:12 PM
chuckleswood posted...

I have the evolution shield

Pshh Tr4shed
GT: Pshh Tr4shed
#9chuckleswood(Topic Creator)Posted 4/12/2013 6:19:15 PM
Back on for the night still looking for everything on the list if anybody wants to trade.

I now have a Lvl 61 Flush Hammer Buster to trade as well as everything else I listed.

O yea and I should prob add this in here as well I prefer not to dup. Only legit trading please.
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#10LordMenchiPosted 4/12/2013 6:23:49 PM
I have a 69% evo sheild will trade for a Bunny??