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User Info: MockPaper77451

3 years ago#1
Could I uninstall or delete the UVHM pack so I can farm for level 50s without leveling up. I don't want to be leveling up while I am farming in TVHM. I would like to get a Bee and Sand Hawk before UVHM. Will this work?

User Info: Evil Squall

Evil Squall
3 years ago#2
Why wouldnt you want to get some XP? Its not like you'd get a lot anyway.
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User Info: MockPaper77451

3 years ago#3
If i do the DLC to get the Sand Hawk and maybe even farm Pete I will be closer to like 53 or something. It will just make my weapons be less effective in UVHM. I might just level up anyway though.

User Info: Dartherex

3 years ago#4
Wouldn't worry about the weapons being not as useful. I used the Bee and Sandhawk for most of UVHM and it still wrecked face at level 61.
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