Solo Siren; What not to do?

#11RajsBabysMamaPosted 4/15/2013 10:07:31 AM
spfurm01 posted...

If you've got a mod that gives +5 to kinetic reflection, I'd highly recommend putting 5 points into it along the way. IMO without the 10/5 it's just not worth it.

There's not really anything else in the tree worth getting though and if you're going Ruin plus Converge, Kinetic Reflection to five is very solid, esp if you're like me and get five in Wreck, hehehehe.
#12garubladorPosted 4/15/2013 1:12:44 PM
Flicker and Cloud Kill are pretty good through all of normal mode and about half of TVHM. Cloud Kill actually does some damage and is really nice when sniping. Pretty much every shot is a 1 hit kill, not just criticals. Flicker is good because DoT damage is actually enough to kill things and it effectively adds 30% DoT damage, especially if you're using high RoF weapons with a decent proc chance.

Once you get about half way through TVHM Cloud Kill stops doing enough damage to matter and the damage you do from DoT is eclipsed by your bullet damage so Flicker isn't nearly as useful. At that point you'll be rocking Ruin, Converge and Chain Reaction so a couple points that aren't optimal won't matter a whole lot. It's best to fix them then but if you aren't optimal the game won't turn impossible.