Trading for any level 61 orange gears

#1LeilaStarPosted 4/15/2013 8:41:56 PM
I have the following for trade :

Level 61 Patriot Infinity Pistol (naked, shock, corrosive, fire)
Level 60 Alkaline Bee
Level 59 Super Gunerang (corrosive)
Level 61 Razor Hammer Buster
Level 61 Impetuous Flakker
Level 59 Homing Pandemic
Level 61 Impaler
And of course a bunch of leftover level 50 oranges like babymakers, conference calls etc.

I'm really just looking for anything. But a level 61 conference call would be above all. Just trying to update my arsenal. Free dupe drops would be nice too! Message me here or online.

GAMERTAG : Warriior204
GT : Warriior204
#2LeilaStar(Topic Creator)Posted 4/15/2013 9:04:56 PM
Someone was nice enough to pick up loot from his game before closing. So heres an update on my stuff for trade :

Level 61 Sticky Longbow Caustic Leech
Level 61 Stockpile Relic (AR/Shotgun ammo 72.5%, +4 grenade count)
Level 61 Blood of the Ancients (Max Health 40.54, SMG/Sniper ammo 54.5%)
Level 61 Restructuring Splatgun (Eridium - Shock)
Level 61 Rustler's Striker
Level 61 Punitory Norfleet (Corrosive,Shock)
Level 61 Hefty Emperor (shock)
Level 54 Double Gub (Corrosive)
Level 61 Two Fer Unforgiven
Level 61 derp Tunguska
Level 61 Deep Bearcat
Level 61 Barking Storm
GT : Warriior204