LF Blood of the Ancients 54.00% max health 75% shotgun and pistol max ammo

#11chrisfakk2(Topic Creator)Posted 4/16/2013 6:11:26 PM
Add monsterous storm and orange bouncing Betty. This relic just isn't dropping lol
#12chrisfakk2(Topic Creator)Posted 4/16/2013 9:01:04 PM
Bump still need this
#13ZenxinPosted 4/16/2013 9:15:39 PM
this is the exact relic I use

I can dupe it in maybe half hour-ish
#14chrisfakk2(Topic Creator)Posted 4/16/2013 9:24:33 PM
What's your gt: ill shoot you and invite when you are ready I'm just laying down till you respond and are ready. Do you want anything in return?
#15cedric_painPosted 4/16/2013 9:25:08 PM
Do u have a infinity
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#16ZenxinPosted 4/16/2013 9:26:33 PM
PMed you my gamertag. I have everything I already need/want so this is a freebie
#17chrisfakk2(Topic Creator)Posted 4/16/2013 9:33:18 PM
Sent invite thanks again man. Gt is lordsoth3133
#18HellBenderPosted 4/16/2013 9:45:12 PM
I work third shift. I waited up till 5pm for you but didn't see you post in my thread.
#19KellyRipyaPosted 4/16/2013 11:01:34 PM
Did you finally get it? :)
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