When you farm do you...?

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User Info: ProdigalDragon

4 years ago#1
Do you keep farming until you get the specific item you want? As in level and attachments.

Or do you just stop when you get the item and call it a day?
The Prodigal Dragon

User Info: danishjuggler21

4 years ago#2
The second one, because I'm not insane.
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User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#3
Also the second one.

IE the last time I was dashboarding to get a Slag Sandhawk, I really wanted a Slag Flying Sandhawk but would have settled for any Slag variant.

But I DID get the Flying version first, so it worked out!
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User Info: ProdigalDragon

4 years ago#4
I'm about to be lvl 57. Was farming. Got a lvl 54. sucks but i'm going with it.
The Prodigal Dragon

User Info: yugiking

4 years ago#5
Depends on the drop rate of the item in question. If I feel I can get it in only a few runs I will keep going until the parts show up for me. If it is a terrible drop rate I take what I can get and go.
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User Info: Hax4Snax

4 years ago#6
if its a quest reward like the sandhawk or rubi i will dashboard till i get what im looking for since usually its worth it. however if its like a CC or Bee I will take whatever drops since the drop rates are super random

User Info: LordofHunters

4 years ago#7
danishjuggler21 posted...
The second one, because I'm not insane.
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User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

4 years ago#8
depends a bit on what drops and what the item in question is.

if the version that drops isnt 61, ill usually try for the max varient.

i dont care too much about parts aside from f*** tediore pistol scopes and rubberized grenade mods

if i get those and it isnt a brutal drop rate, ill try for another
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