which legendaries have a generous drop rate?

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RineN1 posted...

While you are there you can try getting the Neogenator from Spycho or the Pyrophobia from Incinerator Clayton

Okay. I'm about to go for these three. I'll let you guys know how this goes.
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Really, in UVHM the drops are all very generous, unless they are bugged- like the madhous! .
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Okay, I finally had a chance to run Frostburn and on the 4th run I got a 61 pryophobia from clayton. So my runs will go much faster now that he's out of the way. I have time for a few more before heading out.

Still want my hellfire!
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Hellfire from Scorch, and the white death variants from Gettle. Blackhole from the Opportunity forman, and mods from Terra of course. Maggie's not hard either. All in my experience, but random is random as they say.
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Wow! 2 runs later I got a lvl 60 apt hellfire!
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Just incase you haven't been keeping up with this topic, the legendaries mentioned here seem to indeed be relatively quick farms.

I finished in frostburn canyon getting all three legendaries there without too much work at all.

Then I went after the King Mong, bastard... eventually he dropped the launcher for me. This one may have been around 20 tries. though if I remember correctly it's only lvl 60. Still cool to have though.

I also went after Knuckle Dragger again and he gave me a level 59 i believe. That may have taken about 7 tries or so. No more than 10.

I think i'm about good. Anything else you think I should go and farm for?
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