Can't level up beyond 50?

#11RajsBabysMamaPosted 4/17/2013 2:52:29 PM
Shadow_Sniper16 posted...
ya, I'm not getting any xp in either PT and there is no .../... on the experience count. Just a solid number. I tried redownloading the ultimate dlc but that didn't seem to work either. Any other suggestions?

Try deleting it and redownloading maybe. If you have the seaon pass and downloaded it from in game, I've noticed the stuff downloaded from there can be a bit gitchy and sometimes needs a few times to go through - also, you have to sit and watch it don't let your xbox go idle or that stops the download as well if you are downloading it from inside the game.

Downloading DLC's always to me at least, seems cleaner and easier from the dashboard menu but assuming you have the Season Pass like I do, I don't think that's an option here.