did they patch?

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User Info: plasmatic529

4 years ago#1
I haven't been prompted to update or anything...
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User Info: CuddlyDoll

4 years ago#2
Neither have I, still stuffing my bank with things. :D
Yeah, it's fun to pretend sometimes~
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User Info: RineN1

4 years ago#3
There is a new compatibility pack, weights 395 megabytes.
I downloaded it and the game asked for a patch that it never download o_O. It also sent to screw the online gaming until i deleted the new pack lol
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User Info: drake_skull

4 years ago#4
I dont even have a compatibility pack to download, nor have I been prompted to download an update.
"If your going to ask someone to save the world, make sure they like it the way it is"
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