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Aww yeah, just got a b**** from a loot midget.
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About to start a new playthrough as axton any advice ?
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Hardest part of UVHM (solo)?
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Olliesdad117/14 9:37PM
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Farmed the bunker for a bite, should I do the warrior? (Archived)DDP88667/14 4:23PM
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Looking for OP1 and up legendaries. (Archived)
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Just reached Sanctuary. Single player. Questions. (Archived)RealmIyce87/14 5:23AM
Shouldn't the developers hate the idea of people using melee builds? (Archived)
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OP 8 Master Gee (Archived)Danerd2727/13 1:01PM
Best part of BL2? (Archived)TerrenceFoxton77/13 12:17PM
anyone have any 55+ more like 61 legends (Archived)
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How do i even kill bunker as krieg? (Archived)
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Anyone have a 72 Pyrophobia to spare? (Archived)Maximus4047/12 10:01PM