Theory Fighter: Maya terminator build *small wall or text*

#1A_FamiIy_ManPosted 4/20/2013 11:42:59 AM
As I have a penchant to use characters with a red and purple color scheme (Mmm Dark Scarlet) I'm looking at creating a Maya. The Axton I made wasn't tanky but good enough to stay alive while being a little wreckless but looking at Maya's skill tree she has potential to be an amazing tank. Don't know how viable it truly is though.

The main idea is to use a Blurred Trickster class mod with Kinetic Reflection +5 to allow for 100% damage resistance against bullets. Other ideas include keeping Phase locked enemies alive for the various bonuses, using Converge/singularity grenades to group enemies together and run up on enemies nearly point blank with a shotgun while using the 88% ricochet chance from Chain Reaction +11 to maul bunches of enemies at once. Maybe slag the bunch with Scorn though from what I understand it doesn't apply slag all the time. Life tap and Elated should do a good job of keeping you alive if you're not completely reckless. Relic candidates include Health, Cooldown, and Tediore Damage/Magazine Size relic. The last is just because I love the Deliverance shotgun. Not sure about shields. Flame Of The Firehawk probably. Is Roid damage applied to Scorn and f it does Is it applied to every or over the course over the entire thing? Anyway that's the plan. How does it look?