Trading all types of heads for pearlescent weapons

#1TemplarLord305Posted 4/20/2013 8:38:26 PM
Ive got all kinds of heads message me online and will trade up gt templarlord305
#2XcavvvPosted 4/20/2013 8:45:21 PM
Do you give the one kind of head that really matters?
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#3TimeoniousPosted 4/20/2013 8:45:23 PM
Hey, just a heads up me and a friend are getting are pearls together on 1 char and are looking to trade, he needs some heads (not sure which, but i also need soace knigt, dapper gent and bone blinder)... he'll msg you online in a sec (I dun gone madd)
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#4Nucl3arT1g3RPosted 4/20/2013 8:48:11 PM
Why would I give you anything for a head, when I could just look for a free skins topic and get every head in the game for free?
Kevin sent me.
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#5MonoxideHektikPosted 4/20/2013 8:50:15 PM
Who gives away free heads. That's silly
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#6ginganinja22Posted 4/20/2013 9:06:38 PM
Got any psycho heads?