Legit trading: Looking for level 57 shock weapons

#1illbzo1Posted 4/21/2013 8:30:47 AM
So the Treasure Room is super rad in UVHM. I'm still looking to upgrade my weapons to make it easier to hit 61. Mostly I'm after a shock Conference Call, a shock blaster, and plasma casters of all elements except for slag. I wouldn't mind a Sham, Shock Norfleet, Transformer, Black Hole, etc. Anything that's good for an LBT Mechro.

Here's what I've got to trade:

Level 57

Legendary Berserker Mod
Cuting Slagga
Ballanced Slagga
Hyiu Skullmasher

Level 56:

Hefty Avenger

Level 54:

Flying Sandhawk (slag)

Level 50:

Binary Thunerball Fists
Consumate Plasma Caster (shock)
Ferocious Kitten (shock)
Feculent Chulain
Binary Rubi (shock)
Longbow Quasar
Homing Storm Front
Shock Kiss of Death
The Transformer
Grounded The Bee

I'm on now. Send me a message if you're interested!
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