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3 years ago#1
Using split screen duels I have tried several hours to get the Duel of Death Challenge with no luck. I have tried equal level characters, different spots on the track, and anything else that I could think of.

I'd really appreciate anyone telling me what I'm doing wrong or even if it's possible in split screen to get this challenge?

If it only works through online co-op play would anyone be willing to help me with this challenge?

Gamertag: Raibert
3 years ago#2
it is possible to do with splitscreen I've done it, how are you doing inside by the fast travel station or outside.
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Gamertag: Shadow Dragons0
3 years ago#3
I did it with a guest signed in on controller 2, both of us outside. Challenge popped as soon as the duel started.
3 years ago#4
I have tried inside travel station, outside at the start of the tracks and also towards the middle of the tracks.
3 years ago#5
Just tried several more times towards the center of the tracks with the train inbound and not. For some reason I believe the challenge hates me. The train needs to be cleaned now, all those blood stains can't be good for it.
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